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Because we want to ensure that the product we are developing has long term viability, and to fully control the environment and the transaction fees, we build the project on our own blockchain, made with Substrate, a building block of Polkadot.

This will enable us to fully control the fees and ensure that the platform is usable regardless of the current state of the blockchain market, and the transaction fees on other blockchains.

CoinClash matches

People play against each other for real money, which is represented as a credit on the platform. The amount they play with can vary. More if they are better in high stake games, less if they want just to enjoy the thrill of playing for real.


Transaction fee is fixed at $0.1 and payable by both players when the game starts. It gets deducted from players in-game credit.


When the game has finished, we write the outcome to our blockchain, including the hash that can be used to recreate the game. Part of the transaction fee is used for POS reward.

CoinClash coins

CoinClash coin is a limited supply token used to secure the network to provide transparency, fairness and security of the games. CoinClash coin is used to stake coins in our POS blockchain, govern the network ecosystem with the influence of the decisions about grants and the CoinClash games platform

  • Staking: Our blockchain uses the Proof of Stake mechanism for the creation of new blocks. CoinClash coin holders that stake their coins and create new blocks will get a portion of transaction fees from games in the ecosystem.
  • Governance: CoinClash will be used for governance of CoinClash platform using the DAO structure.
  • Limited supply: There are only 2.1B of CoinClash coins available.

Coin economy

Distribution of transaction fees

To start a game each player has to pay a transaction fee of $0.1. This was the total fee for a game is $0.2. The fee is distributed between game developer, holders of staked CoinClash coins, CoinClash Games holding company and a system, that covers CoinClash buyback and burning.

  • 50% Game Studio that developed the game
  • 10% CoinClash buyback and burn
  • 15% Staking reward in POS mechanism
  • 25% CoinClash Games
    (legal, customer support, marketing ...)


Distribute proceedings back to community

  • 1. Funds

    10% of all collected transaction fees

  • 2. Buyback

    Buy at minimum $0.1

  • 3. Burn

    Bought CoinClash coins will be burnt

Coin distribution

Distribution of CoinClash coins

There will be a limited number of CoinClash Coins available.

  • 800M Public sale
  • 200M Play 2 Earn for early players
  • 200M Reserved for buyback and burning
  • 400M Founders and the team
  • 200M Seed sale
  • 100M Early game studios
  • 100M Startup Camp
  • 100M Advisors and partners

Play 2 Earn

Early players will get a reward in CoinClash coins for playing the games. It’s a form of loyalty - cashback that encourages play, sharing and participation. It also presents the platform as the most pro–player place for skill games.

The reward will be received by each player in a game where a transaction fee is paid by player.

  • 0-50M games 1 CoinClash.
  • 50-100M games 0.5 CoinClash.
The reward will than half every 50M games. Last halving will be when 450M games are played. After 550M games are played, players will not receive CoinClash coins for playing the games anymore. For more information please refer to the litepaper.


You want to learn more about the project? Download and read the litepaper.